1. Do you deliver?

We deliver all over Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Please see Shipping Info.

2. How long does it take for bakes to arrive from time of order?

We will bake your order as soon as is physically possible, it all depends on how many people have ordered before you, and also what you have ordered, for example if you have ordered the same as another customer we can double up the recipe. Please be assured we will do our very best to give you a fast and easy service.

3. How long does delivery take?

Couriers do not guarantee next day delivery but they do their very best to deliver as soon as possible.

4. What are the delivery costs?

AnPost charge €6

Fastway charge €6.50

DPD charge €10

This is for all 32 counties of Ireland. 

5. Do you offer a collection service?

We do, you can collect from the depot or we have 2 free drop off points in Wexford Town and Gorey.

6. What do you add to your bakes instead of refined sugar?

We add all sorts of sweeteners such as Dates, Coconut, Vanilla Extract, Maple Syrup, Sweet Potato and many more. Please note we don’t use artificial sweeteners.

7. Are your bakes ok for kids lunchboxes?

They are brilliant for lunchboxes, just be sure to check with your school about nut allergies.

8. What is the Best Before or Use by Dates for your bakes?

Each box will have a label with the dates on. 

9. Can I freeze your bakes?

Yes absolutely. They are all perfect for the freezer and they don’t stick together too much either. The only thing you can't freeze are the samples as they have already been frozen.

10. How long do they freeze for?

They freeze well for up to 3 months. Please note the samples cannot be frozen as they will have been previously frozen.

11. What is the best way to defrost the bakes?

They can be either defrosted at room temperature or in the microwave. Please note the jam in the Jam Drops reaches boiling very quickly in the microwave so it is best to defrost those at room temperature.

12. How long can they be left out of the freezer and still ok to consume?

Once they have been taken out of the freezer, they will be ok for 3/4 days in the fridge, depending on the bake. 

13. Where do I store the bakes?

They can be put straight in the freezer, including the box. If you don't want to freeze them, they can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days. Please note the samples cannot be frozen.

14. Do they need to be heated up before eating?

No, they do not need to be heated up although some are delicious when warm.

15. Are your bakes suitable for Vegan's?

We have a collection showing which bakes are suitable for Vegans, please see our list of products.

16. Are any of your bakes Dairy Free?

We have a collection showing which bakes are dairy free, please see our list of products.

17. Do your bakes contain nuts?

We have a collection showing which bakes do not contain nuts, please see our list of products.

18. Are any of your bakes Gluten Free?

We have a collection showing which bakes are gluten free, please see our list of products.

19. Are your Gluten Free bakes suitable for Coeliac's?

No, the ingredients that we use has not been certified, therefore we cannot guarantee no cross contamination. 

20. Are your bakes suitable for Diabetic's? 

We have a number of bakes that would be suitable for a diabetic, please contact us to discuss.

21. Where are you located?

We're in between Kilmuckridge and Blackwater

21. How do I pay?

We accept credit/debit card, Revolut and cash.

22. Do you do Birthday Cakes?

The only Birthday Cake we've ever done is the Brownie cake. Its basically the Brownie recipe, not cut up into squares. We can add detail to the top if needed. 

23. Do you add artificial sweeteners?

No, we only add natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, dates, fruit and many more.

24. Do you use honey in your bakes?

No, as honey is not recommended for children under 1 we made the decision not to use honey in any of our bakes.